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“Share the Love M” Art Print 90cm Silhouette Resembling Mickey Mouse

Share The Love Art Print

Share The Love Art Print – 90cm

“Gone…” series is a collection of fine art prints representing shadowy blurry silhouettes of characters from our childhood, our heroes and idols who are now only faded memories. Characters who we loved dearly, who at our very young age influenced our lives. Nowadays they are less relevant. Some are almost no existent. Yet, we can still remember them as a part of our upbringing, however, the faded memories are. Often too blurry that we have trouble remembering their actual colors and shapes.

The characters in the prints are reaching out to us, hence the extended hand stuck to the face of the canvas, to remind us about their presence. Are they saying “Good Bye” while fading from our memories as we focus our attention elsewhere in adult lives? Or are they saying “We are still here, don’t forget about us…” as they fade into the pure brightness of the limbo of our minds? It is You, the viewer, who decides on your own personal message from the childhood idols.