Galleries in Space: How Art Defines Us As A Species


Staring out into the vastness of space can be an awe-inspiring and intimidating experience. In fact, it may just be the most humbling feeling one can endure as they come to terms with just how small they are in relation to the universe. And yet, there is something tranquil and ethereal about the view from space, it was this that got me thinking….

Star Trek continues to captivate audiences, and for good reason – its inspiring message of exploration and discovery in uncharted territories remains timelessly relevant. And if Star Trek is to be believed, then space IS the final frontier.

The word “frontier” can conjure up vivid images for many people – the classic movie stars blazing a trail through the wild west, or Star Trek’s iconic phrase “Going where no man has gone before.” Whether it’s literal land or frontier of understanding, these two definitions accurately reflect what “frontier” represents – a boundary that is meant to be explored and pushed past. It’s a call to adventure, to challenge one’s own limits, and ultimately an invitation to rewrite history. Truly thrilling!


The plan for my latest exhibition was always to take art lovers away from the traditional gallery setting and into literal and figurative new heights, and by teaming up with Castle Fine Art, (the UK’s leading group of retail art galleries) and space agency Sent into Space we were able to launch the first art gallery in space featuring some of my most acclaimed work as well as new pieces, making space itself a canvas of humanity’s self-expression.

“This is my very first solo exhibition and ironically no-one, myself included, would be able to attend as it’s happening above the surface of the earth.”

It boggles the mind to think that only a few short decades ago, the idea of sending art into space was nothing more than an outlandish fantasy. But here we are today – standing on the precipice of a new era of human exploration and discovery. We have been able to take art outside the bounds of Earth for all to see! The possibilities seem almost limitless as space itself becomes an expression of our very being, reaching past the boundaries of time and geography.

“It is the role of an artist to push the boundaries for creativity and combine new technology with artistic expression. I can only imagine what the space art projects of the future will look like… I hope to one day launch my work to the moon, nothing is impossible.”


Art is more than just an enjoyable activity; it is a testament to how human beings have connected across generations since even before we could read and write. It is a powerful way to tell a story and make an impact with hopes to reach beyond the work itself and leave a lasting impression on future generations.

For as long as we’ve been alive, people have sought to find ways to share their art with others perhaps as proof of their own existence as individuals or culture or to show that they understand something inexplicable in the world around them. From the cave paintings of Lascaux and the many hand stencils from Argentina, all the way to Rome’s St. Peter’s Basilica, each of these works provided proof that someone was here before us with a story – and maybe even something important to say about life. Even today when it comes to prints, collectables, and other forms of art, it’s clear that there is still a powerful bond between the creator and their audience, no matter how old or young we may be.


Art Above Earth is a collaboration like none other, and you can experience the art odyssey across three rooms.

The first room showcases the extravagant golden breakdancing astronaut sculpture rigged with a 360 camera so you can enjoy the ultimate spin in space. The backdrop is jaw dropping, and will leave you feeling maybe a little lightheaded but certainly inspired. Three more breakdancing sculptures will come later this year in collaboration with Castle Fine Art as we send more each art out into the vacuum of space!

The second room is a showcase of my widely-loved work including samples the ‘POPek’ collection of balloon dog sculptures and a new Jeff Junior geared up for his trip to space and to his new home. There are also nostalgic pieces from the ‘Gone’ collection – a series of prints which capture the silhouettes of classic childhood favourites like E.T., Yoda, R2-D2, and C3PO. The pieces are called “Gone, Home”, “Gone, I Am”, and “Gone, Droids”.

Room three is an exciting finale to the event, it’s me, Whatshisname seeking to you on revolutionary a space-capable digital display so I can share my motivations behind this show.

Together we have shown that the spirit of creativity is far-reaching and resilient; it transcends all, including the boundaries of the earth’s surface!

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