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Coming straight from the journey to space.

Jeff Junior – Emopowerment – Buzz


Shipping Worldwide.

Jeff Junior – Empowerment – Buzz 15 cm tall figure of Whatshisname’s balloon character.

This figure is aimed to bring courage and self-confidence to you and inspire a Positive Mental Attitude. With a puffed-out chest and a stretched hand with the thumb up, it is saying “You are doing well! Keep going!”. Any time you would doubt yourself, you can look at Jeff Balloonski and be sure that everything is going to be OK. 

Made of polyresin, Each one is signed by the artist and numbered and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.

Colour: purple, green, white

Available in 99 editions worldwide.

Size: 15 cm tall.

Release date 2023

Inspirations This figure is a combination of three main inspirations and pop culture references.   1. He is mainly a representation of myself and my current attitude. Just two years ago I released the first version of Jeff Balloonski Junior which was very well received. The hoodie and baggy trousers are a reference to street culture. However, the hoodie takes different meanings depending on where you are. If you are in Silicon Valley in the US and see young entrepreneurs wearing hoodies, the signal they send is that they are too busy with more important work than going shopping for fancy clothes. The posture and his hands in pockets represented a laid-back attitude to life. He was relaxed worry-less, and a quiet observer (an introvert). This time however I wanted to create a version that is more optimistic since lately I have been practicing a Positive Mental Attitude. This figure reflects this way of thinking by sending a positive thumbs-up attitude toward you.   2. The “Thumbs Up” pose itself was inspired by a character (Vault Boy) from the Fallout video game. I have been a fan of the Fallout franchise since the year 1997 when the very first Fallout game was released. The character (seen in a photo below) appears in various poses as part of a game’s interface, however, it was the thumbs-up pose that I particularly enjoyed as it contrasted with the gruesome reality of a postapocalyptic world.   3. The purple, white, and green colors of the character are reminiscent of Buzz Lightyear from the ToyStory movie (photo below). I was particularly keen on those colors since this was a version of Jeff Junior that went all the way to the stratosphere as a part of the Art Above Earth  project.

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The Benefits


Certificate Of Authenticity

COAs are an essential part of the art world. This certificate indicates that the piece is an original work of art, and not a copy or reproduction. 


Whatshisname Signed

Signed, dated, and edition number. On the balloon dog sculptures, you could spot a 12/200 underneath his paw. 


Exclusive Gift Box

Box openings add to the excitement, yours will be signed by Whatshisname with perfectly shaped foam cutouts to ensure safe transport.


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