POPek Balloon Dog Sculpture 120cm

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The limited-edition super large POPek Red Balloon Dog Sculpture stands proudly contrary to what is usual while breaking common conventions of modern design. This unique larger-than-life (120 cm / 4 feet tall) squatting dog artwork made entirely of fiberglass has a rich glossy finish making it eye-catching and impossible to miss. This provocative conversation piece has become an instant classic among POP-art lovers and design enthusiasts, having been featured in media outlets worldwide.
Made in 10 editions with only 1 left available.


POPek Red Balloon Dog Sculpture Super Large

Size approx. L: 120 cm, W: 60 cm, H: 120cm

Weight approx. 20kg

Material: Fibreglass

Lead time approx 2-3 weeks TBC.

The artwork is meant to be displayed indoors or under a roof. Please enquire with regards to the outdoor version of the sculpture.

Delivery will be quoted separately after purchase. I am using a specialized art delivery company.
If you would like to arrange your own delivery, please contact Sebastian at info@whatshisname.co.uk

The Balloon Dog Sculpture Collection is a fun, happy, mischievous and cheeky collection brought to you by the renowned artist Whatshisname Sebastian Burdon. The collection is made up of brightly coloured high-gloss balloon dogs in various poses, POPek (squatting balloon dog with a balloon poop) PEEpek (peeing balloon dog) HAPPY (playful balloon dog with a balloon ball) STRETCHING and DOWNWARD balloon dogs and HUMPEK. With their bright high-gloss colours of pink, red, blue or black they will brighten up any home, and bring joy to dog and art lovers everywhere.
Shipping is available worldwide, and each piece of artwork comes in a signed by the artist himself in a gift box, along with a certificate of authenticity.

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Additional information

Weight 30 kg
Dimensions 120 × 60 × 120 cm

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